An Offer No One Can Refuse!

The age of digital collectibles is at hand, and no matter what platform you’re using, it all comes down to the largest hub of digital collectibles on the world wide web, OpenSea! Like the name suggests, OpenSea really is an open sea of mass digital collectibles, from cards, to characters, to posters, all up for trade and auction. And now finally, Terra Virtua has dipped the oars in the water and set sail! Debuting it’s NFTs on OpenSea, Terra Virtua in collaboration with Paramount Pictures brings you, The Godfather collection!

Yes, you heard it right folks, there are actual digital collectibles of The Godfather on OpenSea! Terra Virtua has published specially designed digital collectibles with content provided by Paramount itself, which even includes never before seen artwork. And after a few months of diligent work and precise coordination among the teams responsible for providing the finalized assets, Terra Virtua has finally released The Godfather collection on OpenSea. And as expected, with the history and legend that comes with the film, the assets starting selling in an instant (So go and get them while they’re still available!).

The collection itself constitutes of several posters of Don Vito Corleone, played by historical actor Marlon Brando, several quotes from the movie itself, iconic scenes portrayed in minimalist fashion and of course, several different versions of the famous Godfather puppet strings.  These items are being sold not only individually, but are also available as a set, currently up for auction. The set which is on auction at OpenSea, includes the 1st minted editions of the entire collection of 20 posters, which also includes a one-off, licensed cover! You can check out the bundle here. You can also view the full collection of The Godfather NFTs here.

Bonus cards can also be won. The posters are categorized according to classes of common, rare, epic and golden. If you collect all five of each set, you get to win bonus cards, if you collect five posters from the common set, you win the King Of Roses bonus card, with the rare items, you can win the Genco Bonus Card, the Revolver City bonus card if you collect all five Epic posters and the rare Superano Tutto bonus card if you collect all five Golden category posters. Terra Virtua is also giving away free collectibles on creating an account at Terra Virtua, one for collecting each set and the Be My Friend poster for free on OpenSea!



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