Rock Stars, Light Sabers and You as a Jedi, A recipe for success!

Virtual Reality is the ultimate leprechaun’s pot of gold, with tech giants showing keen interest in VR products, especially after the pandemic outbreak. Beat Saber instantly comes to mind when discussing VR games. The game has evolved from a VR game and has transformed into a VR music platform, having sold over 9 million copies in its first 9 months of release, the game is still a player favourite with it’s addicting gameplay and a playlist the players can ‘vibe’ with.

Beat Saber DLC: Dev 'Needs More Time But We're Working On It'
Beat Saber logo

Contrary to popular belief, Beat Games CEO Jaroslav Beck did not come up with the idea of Beat Saber. Infact, coming up with Beat Saber was an iterative process with the help of a couple of Czech programmers who were working on a demo for a web based game. The difficult part for Beck was convincing the duo to embark on a venture based on their demo. Beck believes the game went viral because they developed a game they wanted to play and not a game they thought would be a commercial hit.

Watch Captain Marvel Take On Jimmy Fallon In Beat Saber - VRScout
Captain Marvel Take On Jimmy Fallon In Beat Saber

It was only a matter of time before top streamers like PewDiePie were playing the game for their humongous online kingdom. The Beat Saber craze spread like wildfire as Jimmy Fallon was seen playing the game on the show with Brie Larson and now, the game is not only one of the reasons for the sales of VR Headsets but also means of bench-marking the quality of Oculus inside-out tracking system. 

How to Play 'Beat Saber': Top 12 Tips & Tricks (From the Pros)
Preparing to Play the Game



  • You can never go wrong as a Rocking Jedi
  •  It’s definitely our favourite way to survive the pandemic.


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