VR Camera – The New Uprising fueled by Facebook

A partnership is proclaimed between Facebook and digital film camera company, Red Digital Cinema, at Facebook’s F8 developer conference. The idea of VR camera based on Facebook’s Surround360 was the main discussion of the session.

Last year, two new reference designs of Surround360 were announced in Facebook’s F8 conference. These cameras capture scene volumetrically in 360 degrees and 3D. Their shape is like spheres covered in lenses. 6DOF movement leads more ease and immersion as captured video can be made into a light field. But who will build the cameras, is the question which has to be answered.

Dominating manufacturer of high-end cameras, Red Digital Cinema, will commercialize first VR camera on Surround360 technology. Some details by Oculus revealed that RED is capable of providing finest resolution by enhancing the pixel count. Covering up the procedural necessities of depth estimation and creative requirements RED creates quality 6DOF content. A complete 3D rebuild, supported by depth estimation technology of Facebook, is delivered. First end-to-end remedy with all elements into one package. Optimization for 3D output can also be experienced on Facebook and in VR.

When will the camera appear in market? What is the name? Nobody knows. But the price of the product will fall in thousands of dollars as RED never compromises on quality.

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