Will Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs Learn with Virtual Reality?

Digital transformation has opened up doors to jobs that didn’t exist a decade back. The rapidity with which immersive technologies are taking over new horizons cannot be ignored. Looking back a few years the drastic changes in the academic arena cannot be denied. Yet, the one area that still lags far behind in terms of technological advancement is education.

Leading companies have turned towards adopting latest technologies with smaller brands following their lead. In such an advanced pitch, employers are looking for fluid intelligence instead of crystallized intelligence but the current talent pool is falling short.

The academic world is still clinging to conventional methods of teaching and standardized testing, which is quickly becoming obsolete. Immersive learning has never been so relatable before as it has now become a key to preparing students for an unprecedented future driven by technology.

It’s common knowledge that experiential learning is by far the most effective type of learning as we retain 10% of the things we read, 50% of what we see/ hear and 90% of what we experience. This is because through experiential learning we engage all of our senses and takes the learning to a whole new level, allowing us to analyze, create and solve problems that directly increases the fluid intelligence.

Virtual reality not only transforms the conventional lessons but also provides access to worlds that were previously impossible for students. From molecular biology and human anatomy to understanding engineering concepts and exploring outer space, VR is ideal for distance learning and safe training.

Virtual reality has been deployed in military, industrial, sports, medical and gaming environments with staggering success. Educational institutions are now following in their footsteps to better prepare the entrepreneurs of tomorrow through updated learning. Immersive learning is particularly useful in exercising assets.

Entrepreneurs can use virtual reality to engage in different interests through creative cross training that leads to strong neurological outcomes. A better brain will undoubtedly lead to better business solutions.

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