World’s First Foldable & Lightweight AR Glasses are Here And Likely To Stay For Good

When was the last time you heard about AR glasses and it actually turned out to be glasses? With nreal light, you’ve got just that. Compared to other AR gear, it’s a pretty small device but already becoming a pretty big deal in the tech conventions it’s making rounds in. Although it comprises of three devices, it doesn’t take much space. In fact, nreal light might just be the lightest, smallest and most comfortable AR glasses we’ve seen. It’s even compatible with prescription lenses. A big relief for all those who had to wear glasses on top of glasses.

It projects stunningly vibrant and colorful image with a 1080p display and a 52º FoV with 6 degrees of movement tracking. They are not just good for map and textual overlays but since the complete lens area is illuminated nreal is a good fit for video viewing and game playing as well. Even though nreal light cannot be compared with Microsoft Hololens because of obvious reasons, it is practically as good as Hololens without its bulkiness. It even incorporates SLAM technology and a couple of speakers for 360 degree spatial sound.

Source: Digital Trends

nreal light features a Snapdragon 845 computing unit and a controller. There’s a cable that connects glasses to its computing unit but the good thing is that the latter can fit right in your pocket. Very easy to carry and it even uses a USB-C that lets you plug your glasses into your smartphone any time to power them or use network connections.

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What’s more, nreal light packs a punch perceivably for at least 5-10 years in the future with its compatibility with 5G. Priced at $499, they are expected to become available in the 3rd quarter of 2019. It is one of the first headset makers participating in XR certification program by Qualcomm, which is likely to make high-quality streaming of videos, software and games available to nreal light AR glasses.

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