How Gesture Control Can Let You Interact with Virtual Objects?

Rise of immersive technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can be credited to bold and cutting-edge ideas captured in science fiction. While augmented reality has crossed the boundaries of what’s possible in sci-fi, it’s still hasn’t made that leap in real world. But continuous inventions are slowly bridging the gap between imagination and reality….

Become a Part of Someone Else’s Virtual World with Mobile Spectator

Immersive technologies have been here for a while and the one goal that everyone is striving to achieve is to bridge the gap between virtual world and technology. Owlchemy Labs has taken us a step further in that direction with its recent tool that attempts to break the stigma of VR being a lonesome affair….

Mixed Reality is the New UI

Mixed reality is the hybrid version of real and virtual world, a universe with new visualizations and surroundings where co-existence and collaboration of physical matter and digital surroundings occurs in real-time. The time of flat UI is fading. The virtual immersive age of software technology requires 3D spaces for UI in which we live and…

Re-imagining Future of Content With AR Project MARS

The future of the world as seen through various sci-fi movies, games and theories is becoming more and more believable with the passage of time.  With the exponential advancement in technology, our minds are constantly thinking about how it’s going to change our world in the coming years. Mixed and Augmented Reality Studio (MARS) was…

First Cross-Platform Browser for Mixed Reality

2018 has been the year of innovations, with some of the groundbreaking technologies announced by Apple, Google, uSens, and Kaaya Tech among others. With companies vying to deliver the best virtual reality experience to the users, Mozilla has also brought another solution to the ever-expanding VR and AR arena. The company recently shared the news of…