Unity Team at BiM – What’s up over there?

Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies (first announced and revealed in June 2005 at Apple Worldwide Developers Conference as a Mac OS X game engine)

The engine has since been gradually extended to (takes a deep breath) –

“Support desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux, WebGL), mobile (iOS & Android), console (PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch), and virtual reality platforms (Oculus, PlayStation VR, Google’s AR Code, Apple’s AR Kit, Windows Mixed Reality, Magic Leap, Steam VR, Google Cardboard, among many others).”

Unity engine is used to create 2D and 3D games as well as interactive simulations and other experiences.

Being an engine that enables developers to create virtual simulations, real-time graphics rendering, color grading, and world-building, Unity engine has a lot to offer to the tech industry.

Big Immersive, one of the first few companies to dive into the metaverse, also uses Unity to create their digital assets, and now, to create a digital world, The Virtua Metaverse.
When Big Immersive was just an infant, we created over 200 mobile games and later on moved to AR, VR, and Mixed Reality technologies. We made a few AR and VR games and soon after that, Big Immersive moved on to Blockchain. We started working on wrappers (you can experience our NFTs on Android, iOS, and on the website in 3D because of these wrappers). As soon as those wrappers were completed, we started building our metaverse (Virtua Metaverse), which is now live! We were initially a small team of developers, right now we are around 12 people in Team Unity, and we are hiring a few more developers to stand with us under one banner.”, says Ahmad Zafar – Team Lead Unity, Big Immersive.

Without a doubt, you need kickass developers and artists, and a whole lot of other resources and software too to build a virtual platform this massive, Unity is the ‘key language’ for metaverse projects especially those integrating AR and mobile elements. As a game and 3D world-building software, Unity is packed with multiple functions that significantly simplify the job, when it comes to creating a digital world. It may not be the only tool you might need, but Unity serves as the ultimate software when you build your virtual environment brick by brick out of all the 3D models and assets you haveAhmad Zafar further explains.

Speaking of teams, can you give us a picture of who is doing what in your team?
AZ: Sure, it’s been nearly a year since we’ve been working collectively on our metaverse. We’ve recently shuffled teams and have assigned resources to different tasks. For example, we have dedicated some people to inventory, Afzal on the backend is working on themes and environments, Mansoor is working on UI, Hazim is working on multiplayer, Talha is working on customizations. Different resources are working on different modules, these modules are later on merged to create a build.

Lastly, Ahmad, since you mentioned you’re hiring Unity developers, what is it that you’re looking for exactly, in a developer?
AZ: Experience is not my top priority at the moment if I’m being very honest. We are primarily metaverse-focused, and you know that it’s comparatively a newer industry, so I am not expecting that I’ll find someone with metaverse experience. But what I’m looking for is someone who has an understanding of new technologies, multiplayer implementation, APIs, Webgl, optimization, environment lighting, and most importantly, someone who is a quick learner, and is a team player!

So folks, if y’all are reading and if you’re tempted to begin your career in a Web 3.0 or a metaverse company, Big Immersive is on the lookout for you! You can check available job openings here or get in touch with our HR department to check out employment opportunities at hr@bigimmersive.com

This was a glance into the Unity Team. Keep an eye out for more about other teams, and metaverse updates. Until then, toodles!

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