2525 Space Jump – The Story


The year is 2525…

Earth is lost…

Space is all that is….

It’s been a few centuries since anyone experienced how it felt to live on Earth; felt the rain on their skin, the warmth of the sun, the cold of the snow, the salty sea breeze, the touch of dirt beneath their feet… how it felt… to actually breathe.

Once technological advancements made it possible to harness the energy of earth’s core, we got greedy and that led to apocalypse. The core became volatile causing massive atmospheric and geological changes.

There was only one way left to go… Up… and that’s how our species survived… (well the fraction that did survive!)

So we learned to live in space. Order has been maintained throughout the decades. People have become accustomed to rules and regulations, living in harmony…

While most people these days are content to live their lives on nice, safe space ships, there are times when they have special needs. These people long for relics or trinkets of humanity’s past. Some of these relics are valuable, some hold great power, all of them are dangerous and challenging to acquire.

That’s where Ricky comes in.  Ricky doesn’t mind danger, in fact he thrives on it….

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