Arcades to be the Knight in Shining Armor for VR

Virtual reality is a revolutionary technology and has received a lot of hype from the public. Even though VR has entered many industries, it still hasn’t reached the level of mass adoption. There are a lot of reasons why it hasn’t become a technology for masses, including its expensive hardware, and limited content. Generally speaking, at this moment we don’t have any apps or practical utilities that need us to use it actively in our routines.

That said, virtual reality has the potential to drive more meaningful adoption through untapped opportunities which can help boost its application in day to day life. VR arcades offer a way into making mass adoption a reality.

For starters, getting an ‘experience’ is becoming more attractive than ownership and people are willing to pay for it. VR promises to immerse you in a reality that is different than the real world. For that to happen, you need different equipment and gear to get a full dive immersive experience. On top of being highly expensive, having all that stuff will require a separate space and maintenance. While die-hard VR enthusiasts will want to own it all and keep it close to them, it doesn’t do anything for masses.

Arcades are perfect to bring great immersive experiences to mass appeal. People will have the chance to try out all the incredible products in an arcade, all for a low-entry fee. On top of that, they can experience it with a group of people they want to share it with. It trumps one of the problems associated with VR that it isolates the players from others. Arcades connect players and let them experience the latest content and equipment without worrying about the added costs that come with every new advancement in technology.

VR arcades will not just chip in their contribution for mass adoption, but will also offer opportunities to headset manufacturers such as Oculus, HTC, and Samsung. Bottom line is that gaming and entertainment is still taking a lead in virtual reality and arcades can turn a silo-ed VR experience to a shared, accessible and fun experience. With only a fraction of cost needed, more people will try out virtual reality experiences and likely to increase its market demand.

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