BiM Happenings: What’s up with the support team (& mini company update)

Fully optimized strategies help businesses achieve their highest potential while minimizing risks, streamlining, and increasing productivity. This is something we do at BiM. We recently dispersed our workforce, created new teams, dedicated resources to work on the metaverse, and assigned players for mobile app development, marketplace, and the like.

The Support team is the only team (other than the admins) that relocated to a different (cooler) location in the building but the team is intact.

The support team handles all the customer operations and queries from all of the Virtua platforms be it metaverse or the marketplace. They need to have a 360 visual of everything that’s happening with the product, the updates, what’s happening and what’s not for them to be able to guide the customer better and resolve any issues that they may be having, and ensure their experience with the product is smooth. For a product as massive as Virtua, you need a support team that’s available 7 days a week, day and night (quite literally!).

So, is ‘customer support’ all about answering your questions and listening to your complaints?

The surface of what may look like a simple communication between a user and a representative is only the tip of the iceberg. Closing a mere ticket generated via Discord or intercom (email), for them, means analyzing a user’s online transaction journey, which includes their history of buying and selling on Virtua, also at times includes skimming through all of their crypto wallet history on the admin panel and making some manual verifications regularly to identify the issues the user is facing, in case the automated systems draw unsatisfactory, or no results at all.

Once a particular issue is found and identified, a CSR takes it up with the relevant department and works on resolving the matter internally, whether it’s a problem related to art, development, production, or finance, they make sure to have it resolved in the least possible time, cross-check to make sure it’s really gone, communicate with the user, and close the ticket. Different kinds of issues need different methods to resolve them, even after building a foolproof system for transactions, support agents must make manual verifications for transactions to eliminate risks involving scams and potential money laundering activity.

Product awareness, technical knowledge, willingness to be available on standby if needed, patience, and communication, improvisation and interpersonal skills are mandatory for the support agents.

Apart from the routine tickets, this team trains for all major events such as campaigns and releases, beforehand, and prepares for all possible known and unknown issues that users may encounter during the event. Demo before a launch, learning functionality, being prepared for expected and unexpected issues, damage control of any kind, communication with Virtua mods on discord, and communication with Virtua teams globally to prevent issues is their responsibility. A prime example of that is our recent Land Sale event. A record number of Land Deed owners came to claim a total of 3594 plots on the Cardano Island on Virtua metaverse, out of which only roughly 200 queries (not complaints) were received and responded to. This smooth sail was only possible because of a giant amount of hard work and preparation for this historic event.

An important part of the role is to make sure that the users feel heard and understood, individual attention is the key! We don’t like talking to a bot, do we? To ensure that, an important S.O.P for this team is to craft their responses and make them as personalized and friendly as possible. And/or, using translation tools in case of foreign language, is something that these guys are accustomed to. The small team that was based on two resources, in the beginning, has now grown to 7 members working day and night shifts, and weekends, and is evolving in every possible way as the product, and company grows.

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