Futuristic Screens with AR Headphones

The door to digital worlds has been opened wide by the groundbreaking technologies entering our reality with each passing day. The fictional future that Hollywood is so fond of creating seems to be standing in the frontlines. Just beyond our reach, becoming closer and more real with every new invention.

A few years ago, people would have laughed off the idea of smart glasses and holographic communication. Not anymore. ORA-X has pulled the inspiration right out of sci-fi movies to create a futuristic gadget. This cutting-edge wearable device blends mobile audio seamlessly with a visual display, creating a unique experience for the wearer.

AR headphones incorporate augmented reality and make you feel as if you’re wearing an android computer on your head. It supports hands-free texting, watching video clips and accessing any app that drops down over your eye with the retractable AR display. With such a display, the wearer can view the apps and other content in a projected augmented reality style.

ORA-X is set to revolutionize the way we view and listen to our content, be it aural or visual. Although it’s not an immersive device, AR headphones offer you mobility to use apps and enjoy content on the go. It combines the best of wearable technology with the best sounds, creating a new dimension to the mobile music. With this amazing advancement in AR tech, a world of possibilities has been opened up in hands-free mobile computing.

“The ORA-X is a clean break from this paradigm. Now not only can you hear music, but you can ‘see music’. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s also about hands-free mobile computing without looking like a cyborg. It’s about “augmenting your senses” while still looking stylish.”

~ Kayvan Mirza, CEO of Optinvent

One of the reasons AR headphones are getting traction is because it has moved AR tech a step further. People are realizing that with augmented reality, it is possible to have digital information overlaid on everything around us. The much-anticipated Hollywood future might just be around the corner as we continue to make progress in immersive technologies.

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