Here Since the Basement – Part II

Big Immersive started from an office in a basement, it was a different building and an entirely different area. Those who came to BiM in the very beginning, they hold the days in that office very close and the memories made are precious to them. There are about 17 to 18 people from those times who are still working here & I’d love to find out and share what the times were like back in the day, from each one of them. People here often label my job as the most fun job around here, and rightfully so, I get to roam around the building, talk to people, feature them, post about them, and all that jazz. So keeping up with the socializing my work demands, I went to Mashhood a.k.a Mushi.

Now Mushi is not only one of the oldest employees of Big Immersive, he is also one of the friendliest people around (and boy we are surrounded by a friendly lot I kid you not!). He’s the Head of Quality Assurance and, not only he nail his job, he has a pretty good taste in music, it won’t be wrong if you hear someone call him the ‘DJ of the Production floor’ for his impeccable skills of keeping everyone entertained. Mashhood joined Big Immersive for a whole different role but ended up where he is today, because of his love and dedication for gaming, and the potential he brought with him, to the company.

So the first thing I am always curious about is the point where the company started, and everyone was hired, that’s the same thing I asked Mushi as well. ‘I remember everything about my interview, the time I was hired, the work, and the fact that I came here for an Admin job and ended up in Production. I learned production here, I had no idea how 3D works and I used to go to Ahmed Bhai (oh we are gonna go to him too for sure, but later!) and I would sit with him and see renderings and what not. The work here amused me, I loved gaming so what we were doing here fascinated me. The people in the start, the friends I made in the beginning, seniors, everyone helped me learn a new whole thing.’ I then asked him about the best part of working here at Big Immersive, to which he replied ‘ “The environment”, I can’t be thankful enough for the relaxed atmosphere we have here, everyone takes the ownership of their work, so we as the seniors don’t have to be hard on them too, I do miss the work and the projects that we used to do in the beginning but I also love what we get to do now, and the fact that how far we’ve come’. Mushi generously responded to all of my questions and then it was time for me to let him work.

And then I went to Maria Hussain from the Art Department, another sweet person who always takes out time to cater to my requests, I usually go to Maria when I need content for social media, since she is a Senior Texture Artist, I bother her on and off and make videos of her while she’s working =P I had the same questions for Maria as I did for Mushi, so here we go!

Maria, do you miss the old days of ‘The Basement’? ‘I most definitely miss the days, the team was much smaller and we were very well connected with each other back in the day. I am happy that we’ve grown into one big family, of course, we’ve come a long way and it’s been a wonderful journey!’. Tell me about the people you became friends with when you came, what was it like in the start? ‘Oh well I brought my own best friend here, me and Zainab were already best friends so it wasn’t an issue making new friends. And I got along with the team just fine, everyone was very helpful, I explored a lot of things here and ended up in texturing. I love the fact that the work we do now, not a lot of places I know are doing it, which makes it interesting for me and also makes me proud.’ And with that we chatted a little more while Maria also resumed her work (texturing some Metaverse skyscraper) and I wrapped up the interview.

Until next time!

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