Journey to the Murky Depths of Fish Evolution: The Environment

We recently gave you a behind the scene looks on our latest project that is hard at work behind closed doors, Fish Evolution. The game where you pit Prey against Predator and truly live out to the dream of Survival of the Fittest.

We gave you a look at the fish that you will be able to control on your way to becoming the terror of the sea, today we are going to take you on an aquatic journey through the depths and show you the many sights that you will come across in your life as a predator.

1Fish Evolution will have you explore the sea bed as close you can, exploring coral reefs, caves, shipwrecks, and many other enticing sites to capture your attention. Don’t get caught off-guard though, you never know what lurks around the corners.

3Each zone will be denoted by colour, ranging from green to red. Green being safe zones, with easy prey, but low XP reward, yellow zones offer a challenge with better XP, and red zones offer you the true perils of the sea, and with even greater XP rewards.

4When you aren’t too busy fighting for your life, or striving to achieve your next evolution stage in hunt of precious DNA, it will be well worth your time to stop and see the coral reefs and enjoy the serene beauty of the deep ocean.

2An aquatic themed game wouldn’t be complete without  a mandatory level littered with shipwrecks. Find various vessels that failed to reach their destinations from various periods of time, we are sure you will find them to be a sight to behold!

And with that, we conclude this post. We hope you are as excited for Fish Evolution as much as we are! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for more details on the game as we continue working on it.

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