Nintendo Switch – The Future of Nintendo’s VR


The Nintendo Switch, being a portable game system, levels up the traditional gaming console technology by being a hybrid of sorts.


Nintendo Switch is a modular game system that can play games while connected to the TV as a regular gaming console. It can also work as a tablet or handheld device coupled with its own controls. It features a kickstand combined with a 6.2-inch screen and detachable controllers.

But you already know that; don’t you?


Nintendo switch may be a treat for gaming enthusiasts to enjoy, but the curiosities are deeper this time as the brand president teased about virtual reality support.

Kimishima introduced various future accessories for the upcoming Nintendo Switch that included talks about virtual reality. He explained that what fans had been viewing in the trailers do not feature all the products that will be available for the console. He proceeded to add that the console will both have add-on hardware and accessories.

The patents published for the Nintendo switch revealed that the handheld unit, which is basically the brains of the system, is combined with an accessory that can be strapped around the head. This does hint towards the possibility that the handheld console is capable of being slotted into a head-mounted unit for virtual reality.

Virtual reality does change the dynamic of gaming. Gaming enthusiasts do enjoy stunning graphics and high-quality audio but VR beats the experience.

The patent for the upcoming gaming console also included that the design features acceleration and angular velocity sensors. These two aspects of the design can be used by the Switch to calculate the position and movement of the head when the user is using a VR attachment with the console.

Given the brand’s interest in the VR technology and hinting patents, it is possible that the Nintendo Switch will support VR. If that is the case, then Nintendo fans are in for a lot of fun and their long wait will be worth it.

Even besides the VR aspect, the Switch in its own is quite a gadget. Nintendo fans are waiting for March when the Switch will be available in the market.

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