Pimax Breaks Oculus Rift’s Funding Record on KickStarter With 7 Days Left

Pimax is looking to be the next big name in the world of Virtual Reality. The new headset makes promises of delivering a 200-degree viewing angle and 16 million pixels in the display,

Paired with 4K resolution in each lens and the headset will have native support for a significant portion of Steam’s Library. The headset will also be compatible with Steams lighthouse tracking and the Steam controllers if needed, but the star of the show would be achieving 360-degree positional tracking with one base station.

The headset isn’t just bells and whistles, but it has the numbers to back it up. The headset is still active on Kickstarter, with 7 days to boot.

The Pimax 8K has been funded for $2,448,473 by 3,808 backers, in comparison, the Oculus Rift managed to rake in $2,437,429 with the combined efforts of 9,522 backers. When we actually compare, the Pimax 8K has proven to be a strong contender and with great compatibility with Steam VR and the compatibility with Steam VR games shows that the company is doing an outstanding job thus far.

If you want a better idea of the field of view offered by the game, here is 200-degree of viewing shown from a cockpit of a plane.

The Pimax also comes with leap motion technology, meaning the headset can still be used when the controllers are being charged.

So far, Pimax has won us over. It seems like a worthy contender in the VR realm that can give a breath of fresh air to the world of VR.