Escape Room Series – A Matter of Mind Over Might

Robbery at the Museum is the first episode in the Escape Room Series where you step into the world of thieves. You become the genius robber who dares to break into the invincible museum. Put your logical thinking and problem-solving skills to the ultimate test as you dive into a fun-filled experience. Puzzle Your Way…

VR Locomotion: Teleblur Is the New Sheriff in Town

Enemies are catching up to you. You swivel your spaceship out of there while pumping out 50 bullets a minute, every which way. You defeat the boss ship and successfully escape the invasion. ‘Congratulations on clearing the mission’ pops out in front of you. You unstrap the headset off of your face and fall down….

City Traffic Control VR – Out now on Oculus Gear

And the celebrations continues…. City Traffic Control: Oculus Gear VR Mail your Oculus ID at to get your Oculus Free Keys; download them, review them and help us make things better!

Love Cubed VR – now available for Oculus Rift & Gear

And we’re out and running and featured…  so there are some celebratory gifts…. for everyone! Love Cubed:               Oculus Rift            Oculus Gear VR And as opening weekend, there are free giveaways for both platforms. Mail your Oculus ID at to get your Oculus Free Keys; download…