Escape Room Series – A Matter of Mind Over Might

Robbery at the Museum is the first episode in the Escape Room Series where you step into the world of thieves. You become the genius robber who dares to break into the invincible museum. Put your logical thinking and problem-solving skills to the ultimate test as you dive into a fun-filled experience.

  • Puzzle Your Way Out

Robbery at the Museum features puzzles that are set at different difficulty levels and compels you to challenge your wits. You and your partner in crime, Xavier, must work together to pull off the single most difficult heist of your criminal record.

Beat the odds against state of the art alarm systems and sophisticated vaults as you race against the clock to complete your objective. Explore every number, word, item or logic-based challenge and solve it to get more clues or doors to your goal. Every new reveal leads you one step closer to winning the most valuable artifact in the museum. If you excel at solving puzzles and number games, then you’ve got an edge to become the ultimate robber in town.

  • Step into a World of Immersion

The core idea of any VR game is to immerse the user so much so that they forget that they’re in virtual reality. Escape room has been equipped with different interactive features to provide an intuitive and immersive gameplay that involves,

  • Touch Grab

In the game, you can see your hands in the form of a pair of white gloves. To make your way to the precious artifact, you’ll have to interact with a range of objects, different in size, nature, and shape. Making a unique grab pose for every single item becomes superfluous. Rather, every time you grab an object, virtual hands fade out and only the objects become visible. Following are the states included in touch grab:

  • Empty
  • Touching
  • Holding

In the resting mode, your hands are in the empty state. Once the collider of your virtual hands comes in contact with that of the objects, the object becomes highlighted and your hands move to touch state. Holding state is the next one where you hold the object as your hands fade out and the only thing visible is the object in question.

All the grabbable objects will become highlighted as you explore the room in which you are locked. We have made this possible by using a raycast with a line renderer that is set on the fingertip of your dominant hand. Whenever the raycast strikes any object, it becomes highlighted and you can then interact with it.

  • Distance Grab

Distance Grab is our solution to let you easily interact with objects that are far away. This is a clever way of interaction, adding a little bit of twist for the robber to pick up objects and solve the puzzles in a more flexible and dynamic manner. Similar to touch grab, following are the states included in touch grab:

  • Empty
  • Distance Touching
  • Distance Holding
  • Holding

It starts with your hands at the empty state and moves on to distance touch state when you move the point ray to the object you want to interact with. We have made this possible by using a raycast with a line renderer that is set on the fingertip of your dominant hand. Whenever the raycast strikes any object, it becomes highlighted and you can interact with it. Once you press the grab button, the object then enters the distance holding state where you can move the object far away or close to you with the help of thumbstick.

As long as the object is held in your grip with the grab button, your hands hold the object in the distance holding state. You can also touch grab the object by pressing the thumbstick backward.

  • Your Partner in Crime – The Backpack

You can’t be a pro at robbing if you don’t have a backpack to carry your tools or spoils of the robbery in it. Grab the important objects and place them in your backpack over your shoulder. The clicking sound indicates that the object is now in your inventory.

  • Key to Your Escape – Inventory

As you make your way through the thrilling gameplay, you’ll have to collect and store items in your backpack for later use. All the items that you hold in your backpack will automatically be displayed on a crescentic 3D inventory that pops open in front of you. You can open and close the inventory with a simple click of a button and pick any item you think is going to be the key to your next clue.

  • Move Freely & Keep Your Eyes Open – Teleportation

What’s the point of being a robber if you can’t admire the incredible artwork hanging on the walls of the museum? In Robbery at the Museum, you can teleport anywhere you want to. Roam around to explore the environment freely and interact with different objects. You can either grab the object through distance or teleport to the spot and pick it up with your virtual hands, the choice is yours.

Time is working against you. You will either walk out of the museum empty handed, with your head hanging in shame, or you walk away with enough riches to sustain you for a lifetime.

The choice is yours.


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