5G Network Opening Gateways for AR and VR

Recent hype of 5G network has created a buzz in countless technologies, most prominently in virtual and augmented reality. With countless applications of VR and AR in different fields, both technologies run on a simple truth: lower latency and a faster network will drive better experience.

You might be hearing people writing off VR and AR as sci-fi fantasies but the time might be closer than you think when these technologies will drive consumer apps and reinvent countless businesses. In fact, it might be the next interface to internet!

Immersive computing can be seen in the not-so-distant future where our surroundings and technology will be seamlessly blended. By making lower network latency and quicker transfer speeds a reality, 5G networks will let people interact more with their environments and focus less on staring at their screens.

When talking about immersive tech, the application areas are virtually limitless. But there’s one common complication in all these: data demands increase exponentially. Only with 5G network is it possible to make AR and VR experiences seamless and more immersive as it delivers low latency and necessary bandwidth.

“Today’s VR environment only allows for a single stream of video on mobile. We are simultaneously bringing multiple 4K and HD video streams to create a unique VR experience, all over 5G.”

~ Raheel Khalid, Verizon Labs

Leading research has shown that 10x improvement is seen with 5G network, in addition to 100x improvement in network efficiency and network traffic capacity with a 10x decrease in latency.  This is a huge step forward for VR and has opened the door to apps that were only dreamed about, including innovative classroom learning, virtual training, autonomous vehicles, and greater IoT connectivity.  And this is just the start, there’s a lot more that’s coming our way.

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