Unity’s Portal – A Doorway to Virtual World in AR Apps

The success of VR and AR can be plotted in a positively linear relationship graph where both technologies stand in a neck-to-neck position. A number of software industries are now geared by virtual and augmented reality tools. The novel immersive environment has brought a revolution in software businesses and solved a lot of problems. Starting from observing a single molecular structure in scientific studies to the development of interactive games, VR has sown innovative seeds of application development.
A lot of programmers use Unity platform, one of the basic tools, to code projects related to programming of virtual reality. Bugs and errors go hand in hand with VR. But if developers start to think beyond what current technology offers, then there’s no doubt that innovative solutions will become common as well.
There are a number of features used by Unity and Portal is one of them. This incredible feature is used by devs in augmented reality app development. According to this concept, a person can enter into a virtual world of AR application from the real world.
Implementing this model was a time-consuming task. “Where would the virtual gate be projected in AR app?” and “How would the adjustment and measurement of portal’s door take place?” are some of the questions that need to be considered. It has to be ensured that a person would enter or exit the virtual world through the door. Devs have to put enough effort to get the task done. One of the key parts starts when the person using the AR app steps into the virtual surroundings.
Firstly, the project involved two cameras. One is user’s view and other is fitted in the simulated door so whenever the user changes its position, this camera shows the required view inside the portal whereas the surrounding was the real-time environment. A critical problem occurred when the user had to enter the portal. It is because before entering, video mode of the portal was in execution. A jerk occurs when the user enters the portal and it is because of the switching of his camera with another camera fitted in the gateway.
To avoid this shaky behavior, a Shader can be used which is an effective way. It is a computer program which can be used for the post-processing of videos, it can be a link between a texture and a material, 2D graphics and 3D graphics or special effects in various fields of computer graphics. There are different types of shaders with different properties. Its basic functionality is to make a bridge between two components.
There could be more to this problem. Let’s see when the current solutions are replaced by future optimized ones.


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