Voctail – The Virtual Future of Drinks


Drinks are part of our life other than our routine requirement. After creating so many products, virtual reality is thinking to cover the space of bars by adding a flavor of some latest immersive technology synched with a crazy application in smartphones. Tech like these have potential to improve the sensation of people for particular products. An upgraded vision of VR can be obtained when visual, haptic and audio feedbacks artistically blend in virtual world. The addition of smell and taste will take the VR concept to the next level.

Vocktail bar is the new place to welcome virtual reality. The millennial era of VR brings modern tech to you, where you can enjoy the salty taste without any salts or enjoys sweets without any sugar added. Researchers from CUTE (Connective Ubiquitous Technology for Embodiments), a National University of Singapore and Keio, and University of Japan have used immersive VR tech to develop a virtual cocktail. The lead researcher Dr. Nimesha Ranasinghe said,

Our approach is to augment the beverage flavor experience by overlaying external sensory stimuli.

Vocktail simulates the aroma, taste and view of real cocktail because of immersive techniques and high-tech sensors. Wide range of colors is emitted by the LED light, two silver electrodes on the edge of glass and a fragrance that is pumped when required into glass. To produce a salty or sour sensation on your tongue, currents are generated by silver electrodes on preference of your vocktail choice with help of related app. All this tech combines and manipulates the brain to feel the authentic taste sensations. Your mind will think of it as tea but in reality it will be hot water.

Multiple flavors can be created through the available application of vocktail. Custom tastes created can be shared on social media with friends and can also help the medical issues of health or diet. Without adding expensive chemically produced ingredients people can enjoy their favorite flavors.

Vocktail can easily alter its flavor with the help of application present in your smartphones that allows you to customize the taste, smell and appearance of your drinks. A single tap on smart phones can change your glass of water into wine. Three scent cartridges are attached to micro air-pumps in a 3D-printed glass from which aroma is released to change the perception of beverage’s flavor. The electrodes stimulate the taste buds with their minute electric currents. It ranges in-between 40 to 180 micro amperes to mimic different flavors (sour, salty, bitter, and sweet) on the taste buds. The sense of sight is also tricked with help of LED system in the base of glass.

Multi-sensory flavors can be simulated digitally with the help of Virtual Cocktail device. Taste, aroma and visual effects are utilized by Vocktail to produce virtual tastes and augment the existing one in drinks. Future Tech Now in London is the first to introduce the Vocktail Bar. Although it has quickly become one of the popular triumphs in VR innovation, there’s still a lot of room for more.

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