Will Room-Scale Tracking Redefine VR Gaming Dynamics?

Virtual reality made its entrance in the market with enticing promises of future tech, especially leaving gamers salivating for the endless possibilities. VR was thought to change the gaming dynamics and let the gamers roam free in an immersive world while offering an escape from the constraints of the real one.

Surprisingly, many a VR enthusiasts prefer sitting over running wild in a confined space. This preference is shared by enough numbers that it’s a common practice for game developers to include build modes specifically designed to optimize the sitting experience. Last week at E3 2018, Jason Rubin – VP of content at Oculus – shared his findings:

“When we started working in VR, we assumed everybody would be standing, everybody would be doing those things. It turns out a lot of people – perfectly healthy people – would like at the end of a hard day of work, or whatever they’re doing, to just sit down. But they appreciate the immersion of VR and everything else.”

Despite the room-scale motion tracking option to move about in physical space, it is anticlimactic to realize that although gamers are in love with all that virtual reality has to offer, they also love to play while lounging back on their couches. To add fuel to fire, room-scale is not practical for a significant percentage of VR headset owners, who may not have enough space for that. With more and more requests being made by gamers to incorporate seated gameplay modes, it would probably cause companies a substantial loss if they choose to ignore it.

As it stands, devs haven’t given up on finding its footing to pull gamers off their couches. But they are also taking the popular demand into consideration and letting the gamers experience an incredible experience regardless of the position they play in.

Here at Big Immersive, we offer VR games that let the users kick back in their seats without worrying about knocking something over while they enjoy an immersive experience. LoveCubed is one of our coolest games that lets you embark on a memorable journey as you play the role of the male or female cube and protect the one you love from attacking cubes.

Although new headsets such as Oculus Go are delivering an untethered virtual reality for higher mobility, there’s a huge majority that prefers to stay comfortably seated.

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