Wireless Is The Future For Popular VR Headsets

Virtual Reality (VR) has been a game-changing experience for many, but there are times where the immersion is ruined with the inconvenience of catching the wire of the headset in your hand, feet, or other parts of your body when truly engaged in a fantastic VR game that reminded you of your earthly tether.

There are several companies hard at work to helping shape your VR gaming  experience for the better. A future of wireless head-mounted display (HMD) to co-exist with your current top of the line VR Headsets include the HTC Vive, which pioneered this technology with the help of the TPCast solution slated for release later this year.

A few of the companies to mention that are helping make the dream of wireless VR possible are:

NGCodec: Will utilize current wireless technologies to their fullest potentials but at the cost of reduced performance.

QuarkVR: Their emphasis is on video  compression with the aid of a proprietary streaming protocol that they have developed will help wireless VR reach its utmost potential.

KiwkVR: While keeping the health of the player as their primary goal, they will avoid using powerful antennas to protect the user from powerful transceivers on the headset.

HTC Vive TPCast: Made possible with the help of Intel’s proprietary WiGig, the TPCast looks to make a mark when it comes to seamless data transmission for wireless headsets.

Immersive Robots: Promising to deliver on parity in visual quality matching that of a wired headset while maintaining low latencies, the company states they aim to achieve this with the help of compression algorithms and specialized hardware made specifically to  help achieve the dream of true wireless VR.

Nitero: Is looking to change the game completely by creating an integrated unit for the headsets which will focus on low energy consumption, while delivering on elevated performance. While it sounds like a behemoth sized challenge, we can only wait in anticipation for this to reach fruition.

As you can see, there is a great potential ahead for Wireless VR. As we have seen several companies competing for the crown of delivering a newer experience for VR enthusiasts.

Which VR Headset would you like to see make the leap first?

Source: RoadToVR

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