Apple VR – Rumor has it …


Apple, over the years, has been able to develop quite a loyal following of customers. Many people believe that once you have had the taste of the Apple technology, it is difficult to get your tech needs satisfied through other platforms.

The iPhone has been one of the most significant inventions from the brand. Today, we can see some version of the phone in almost every other person’s hand. Android and Windows platform has its own benefits but they often fail to sway the loyalty for an Apple user.

Apart from the development of a newer and better version of iPhone, rumors are circulating the tech world that Apple may be toying with a Virtual Reality (VR) project.

When you think about the intelligence that Apple stands for and the technology that is still on somewhat shaky grounds but gaining gradual momentum, you definitely can imagine an impressive result.

What are the rumors actually saying?

In reality, Apple has been known to be involved with both VR and augmented reality for more than 10 years. These findings can be justified by the various patent filings over the years. However, as mentioned earlier, VR is slowly but surely growing in popularity, not in just one industry but in various. Therefore, it is expected that Apple is about to get real serious with their experiments now and soon we might have an actual product or feature from the brand.

Also, according to the rumors, Apple is supposed to have secret research unit that is based on hundreds of employees. They are supposed to be experimenting with VR and augmented reality. The goal could be to discover innovative ways in which the two technologies can be integrated with Apple products.

Let us see if the rumors hold any truth.