OSVR – What’s the Hype About?

One of the drawbacks of VR technology, no matter how exciting and useful it seems it is not within reach of everyone. As of now, it is an expensive technology and for some people, it is a bit hard to understand as well.

The VR headsets such as the Oculus and Vive have taken people by storm. However, as mentioned earlier, it is not a technology that is affordable by everyone. On the other hand, the Oculus and Vive are also headsets not compatible with normal systems. This makes them difficult to use for developers who may have to adjust their work in order to work with Oculus and Vive.

In this regard, OSVR is creating a fair amount of hype. It stands for open source virtual reality. Not only is it compatible with multiple needs of the users but is quite affordable as compared to the aforementioned gadgets.

The quantity of organizations and co-operations fighting over the virtual reality headset space is expansive. The build-up encompasses the Facebook-possessed Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Sony’s PSVR. Be that as it may, these exist in shut frameworks. Another intriguing play originates from PC gaming equipment authority Razer. It as of late discharged the second era of its Open Source Virtual Reality Hacker Development Kit, or OSVR HDK 2.

It is not quite recently Razer’s gaming foundation that makes its headset fascinating. Initially, it is being created with Sensics, a long-standing trend-setter in all types of VR.

At that point, as its name proposes, and not at all like its opponents, the HDK 2 is expected to seed the improvement of open-source VR applications. Different individuals from the OSVR consortium include game designer Ubisoft (‘Assassin’s Creed’) and display master Vuzix. Vuzix has Intel as a noteworthy shareholder and, as Sensic, profound roots in business and military VR.

Third, Razer is going in forcefully on cost. The HDK 2 costs $399, the same as the discharged cost for the PlayStation VR, however, a decent route underneath both the Rift ($599) and the Vive ($799).

Is OSVR Worth Trying?

As far as gaming enthusiasts as concerned, they are of the opinion that Oculus and Vive provide better experience. This is a point of worry because OSVR had been trying to grasp gamers as their main target market.

However, OSVR can expect potential in other sectors that can take great benefit from its open source platform. One of the game changers can be the retailers. As mentioned in the beginning, businesses can take advantage of VR to gain customer attention. For example, Microsoft has been testing VR with home improvement chain Lowe’s.

Following the same thread of thought, it can be expected that OSVR brings an opportunity for innovators spread over different sectors.

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