AR Cloud to Rain on AR World

Technically the reality has been sliced into two major themes; Virtual and Augmented Reality. Nowadays, the hot topic is VR while AR is getting less attention but in the near future its technology may surpass that of virtual reality. From the past few years this technology has been growing and users are getting acquainted to integration of digital statistics with physical environment in real-time. Pokemon Go was the boosting step in AR tech.

Google’s ARCore and Apple’s ARKit are the tools which eased the life of AR app developers. But some limitations in these tools give rise to questions like how can a digital object interact with its surroundings in physical world? How can a real-time communication between endless objects be created by AR frame? AR cloud can answer all such questions. About AR cloud, CEO of, Matt Miesnieks explained,

A machine-readable 1:1 scale model of the real world. Our AR devices [would be] the real-time interface to this parallel virtual world, which is perfectly overlaid onto the physical world

AR cloud technology, with the power in real-time to let amplified alliance work, can provide linking component. The way of information structure of the world and style of games and apps will be shifted to a new level with the arrival of this system. Different file types are used to organize huge info which is than stored on servers so it can be accessed through internet. Manual search is required to retrieve this info whereas 50% searches are made while on the move. The technology requires three major components to gear up: a scalable & shareable point cloud, an instant ubiquitous localizer and real-time multiuser interaction.

It serves a soft copy of our globe in 3D. The info about anything can be found on that thing itself, making a chance of smartphones to eliminate. Also Sumerian, an app introduced by Amazon, gives tools to devs to develop and run AR and VR apps for Oculus, HTC Vice and ARCore on android.

Real-time apps and AR interactions would need a support from AR infrastructure at massive scale. Technologies like 5G in edge computing takes us closer to our goal but still much advancement in AR tools is required. It seems that AR cloud will take three or more years to show its reality.

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