6 Awesome Tips to Create A Killer VR Demo

Innovation conception is often credited to years of laborious works and an unnerving amount of money spent at the footstep of geniuses. Imagine doing all the right things to create an amazing product only to fail. Without a solid marketing strategy, there’s no guarantee that your product will even reach your target audience. This is why companies are coming up with innovative ways to release their VR demos; to attract and wow their customers.
You can create your own killer virtual reality demo with these awesome tips:

1. Sales Pitch

Before doing anything else, remember that your VR demo is just like your sales pitch. There’s a fine line between including enough content to entice your customers and revealing all in a demo. People are unlikely to go see a movie that shows the entire plot within a matter of minutes. However, including just the right content will leave them wanting for more and hence pull in a higher number of audience.

2. Know Your Audience

Quite obvious but often overlooked. To succeed in the market and grab the attention of your customers from the get-go is only possible if you know your audience inside out. Remember that the aim is to create a jaw-dropping, engaging and immersive experience for the viewers. A premium demo experience is delivered by taking time to remove the technical hurdles most likely to limit your target audience.

3. Ideal Duration

It is important to choose an optimal duration for the demo, especially when showcasing to a greater number of people. A shorter VR demo can be served to more people in a short time. The key is to enrich the user experience by keeping your demo ideally between 1-3 minutes. However, if your plan is to show your product demo to investors or executives then it’s better to prepare a comprehensive experience taking up to 10-15 minutes.

4. Comfort before Play

Having all the fancy equipment to create VR is not enough. Other things must be taken into consideration as well. For instance, a perfect demo is created that has all the right elements in it and it shouldn’t matter how or where it is delivered. Wrong. A comfortable experience ranks higher on the shelf than you’d expect, particularly when bad VR experiences can leave the viewers sick and dizzy. It is good practice to be knowledgeable about the effects of a VR experience and tailor it to prevent viewers from having any motion sickness or lasting undesirable effects.

5. Noise Cancellation

Whether you use a noise cancellation headphone or create an environment that doesn’t allow any interference to ruin the virtual reality experience, is your call. The important thing is to not let any kind of distractions to ruin the VR demo. Choosing to do so can help create a more engaging, seamless and enjoyable experience for the viewers.

6. Demo-Expert Team

A people’s person and a tech expert – or one member possessing both qualities – can prove to be very valuable in a demo. Anything can go wrong, from setting up the VR demo to its execution, and it is best to have people on your team who are quick on resolving issues without losing focus. Alternatively, a people’s person can engage viewers in fun genuine conversations sure to lead them to a positive image of the product.

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