Art by Amrita – Terra Virtua’s vocal breakthrough

With the launch of the Terra Virtua Art Gallery, Terra Virtua now hosts a new section in the Marketplace i.e. Artwork. With it’s own artists, Maryam Younas and Mikki’D, both responsible for the astounding concept art of Terra Virtua’s vFlects, and the spiritually captivating work by Aswaa, Terra Virtua now hosts the works of internationally renowned artist, Amrita Sethi.

Art by Amrita is the latest addition to the Artworks section. Amrita Sethi is an award winning multi-media and technological artist, born and raised in Kenya. She is also a British citizen, who has resided in India, Switzerland, Zimbabwe and even Uganda. Her most recent work takes the very essence of sound and merges it with visual animation, to express words in a more dynamic way.

Terra Virtua wanted to host Amrita’s work, because not only is the work itself truly stunning, but also because it opens new boundaries for Terra Virtua. Since these unique art pieces utilize sound, Terra Virtua has added a completely new style of NFT to it’s platform, an NFT that utilizes sound which collectors can hear, giving them a more dynamic experience of the art piece.

This vocal experience is not only limited to the marketplace, but can also be heard loud and clear in all the Terra Virtua AR apps for Android and iOS. And it doesn’t stop there! We were able to utilize the strength of UE4 and make these vocal NFTs available in both the Fancave, as well as the newly released Art Gallery, so that users can browse through them and have a truly dynamic experience.

So if you’re an art enthusiast and want to be become a true connoisseur, simply check her work out on Terra Virtua Marketplace, like the intricately crafted Voice Note Art “Dubai” 2019 piece.  Art by Amrita – Out now on Terra Virtua!

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