Blockchain and AR/VR — A Killer Combination?

Blockchain and AR/ VR technology are two fundamental building blocks of the new world we’re moving towards. Despite the hype and popularity of these technologies, it’s still going to take them a few years to become mainstream. Since the idea is to move towards full dive VR in future and people to start living in it then we’re going to need rules and systems just like real world.

The ultimate promise VR and AR made was to merge our digital and physical realities. Why blockchain makes a killer combination with immersive tech is that it too blurs boundaries between real and virtual world. Both immersive tech and blockchain hold huge possibilities within their grasp and can help each other out to achieve their optimal potential.

With its decentralized nature, adding blockchain to immersive tech can power up virtual economies. Not only does it provide enhanced security for online transactions, it also keeps your financial data safe. Promising an era of freedom and autonomy from credit card companies and banks. Blockchain and immersive tech don’t just share an online partnership. Rather, their abilities extend to offline economies as well and can restructure and even create new virtual economies – redesigning day-to-day life factors that are presumed natural. For instance, using blockchain in online gaming can remove the need for an in-game store or a central hub. Transforming a huge multiplayer game into a composite virtual world.

With this killer combination, the future will definitely move towards a higher level of interconnectivity and immersion between online and offline world. Secure exchange of products and services without needing financial institutions is the biggest benefit of blockchain. Paired with virtual reality and augmented reality, they can undoubtedly quicken the pace of mass adoption of both.

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