Virtual Reality – A Chance to Knock Out Disability

Virtual reality has injected its capsule in many of the technologies. In the field of health it has also made a variety of discoveries. VR has done its major part in the rehabilitation of the disability in people caused by some accident. The remedy to their disabilities is made in virtual reality world, where they can navigate in virtually immersive environment easily.  

Physical disabilities usually seize the particular movements of body especially walking. Such people, in virtual worlds, can do anything without the worry of their incapacities. To interact with other users they can use their own avatars (a graphical representation of the person in virtual world) which can move freely in the immersive environment. Each avatar can be customized according to the will of the person using it. From participating in virtual activities, navigating in amazing places to socializing with other people and many more activities, your avatar is totally under your command.  

Second Life is working on virtual reality projects, creating virtual immersive offices where the avatars can meet and interact with each other. They have also included a virtual meeting room for the parents of disabled children so they can discuss stuff and provide support to each other.

VR applications on desktops help the disabled ones to navigate their wheelchairs in virtual environments. In this way they can learn to avoid obstacles and move around in immersive world before mapping the same movement in real space. A headset and controller is all to get these tasks done. The structure of the building can be checked by developing a simulation. The purpose is to see whether a potential hazard can occur to them or not while they are moving their wheelchair in the building.

Virtual reality aims to give an independent life to these people so they can build self-confidence and become a major part of community and even the world. By teaching them basic skills and providing them with leaning techniques, VR is giving them a determination to live again. Virtual reality will induce a feeling of self-esteem in them and engage society for the betterment of their life.

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