Nursing Psychological Disorders with Virtual Reality

Psychological issues when not treated properly become a tornado as a whole which swirls you till the end of life. From the start doctors are finding and discovering ways to treat psychological disorders. Huge research labs are working to cope up with mental diseases. VR technology has also stepped in to battle against psychological illnesses.

To process the treatment, a research lab has been set-up with latest machinery where the blood, hair and saliva are collected. Most high-tech brain scanning devices are installed down the hall. Collectively a complex of virtual reality has been lightened by a blue fluoro matrix. In this zone patients experience filthy bathrooms, congested out-of-town inns because of poker machines. Neuroscience and psychology research is used to create those therapies which can undermine the mental disorders in future with the aid of VR tech.

The place is known as BrainPark. A good number of scientists will work in this facility to cover up the spaces of mental illness. Once a proper methodology with the help of virtual immersive technology is discovered this space will be used for the treatment of patients especially the one with OCD issues. Mutual study and research of experts have devised treatment known as ‘exposure and response prevention’. In this methodology patients are exposed to their triggers to deal with them and also taught how they can fight back in such situations.

From the list of multiple treatments, doctors were really amazed by the VR one. Covered with blue glow with fluoro tubes fitted in roof-rack, a lab is established where OCD patients will face their fear repeatedly to overcome them. After typical treatments, one of the patients tried VR experience in the lab. For first 15 minutes he thought of it as VR experience but after that the mind accepted it as he is in real world. He felt exhausted after experiencing it for two hours. He said,

“For the more confronting parts of the scenario, I was far more able to confront them than in the real world. These patterns of thinking become incredibly well-worn the longer we have them.”

Even in virtual reality patients with multiple OCDs are treated differently. Let’s see how much VR tech can add to the cure of psychological disorders in future.


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