Fan Makes Spider-Man Web Swinging VR Game For the Oculus Rift

Who doesn’t dream of being a dawning the identity of a superhero? Batman: Arkham VR took us on a journey through the cowl of the Dark Knight and an assortment of his trademark gadgets.

While being Batman proved to be a remarkable experience for players, who wouldn’t want to be a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man?

The superhero has had plenty of video game iterations on plenty of platforms, with many of them not able to do proper justice to the masked vigilante.

This has changed with the help of an independent VR web swinging game will let you escape to the towering sky scrapers the wall crawler frequents.

Reddit user, Maxalo of the  Oculus subreddit, has put up his first prototype of the game on file sharing platforms for other users and players to play and give feedback.

For a first effort, you can see that the user has give a lot of prominence to the web swinging physics, with giving a focus to webstrafing, allowing players to experience different angles  and techniques when web swinging. Maxolo prides himself on helping make the game as close to the actual thing as they could best could.

The current offering of the world is very small and limited, but it will definitely have players coming back for more to master the intricate art of web swinging until the next release of the creator.

You can download the game here and here (mirror), below are the instructions for the game:

This is only a web-swinging game. Oculus Touch and an understanding of pendulum physics are required to play.

  • Use the left stick to move

  • Use the right stick to turn

  • Press A to jump

  • Press the grip button to shoot a web.

  • You can also forcefully pull yourself towards the web to web-zip.

One of the other features of the game is allowing the players to pull the controller towards yourself to simulate a web-zip in the game, which would definitely help create a greater immersive experience for the players to better feel the way that the mechanic works.

Many people have found the project to be a tremendous joy to play, with them encouraging the user to continue their efforts.

Unfortunately, the biggest peril that the developer faces is the copyright of Marvel from making their dream reach fruition.

While Maxolo has confirmed that they are going to continue working on the game, we shouldn’t put our hopes up on this being a commercial release unless a deal is struck with Marvel.

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