Oculus Demonstrates Greater Precision in Hands and Facial Tracking

Oculus is no stranger to bringing innovation in the field of commercial VR. The Oculus Touch controllers were a breath of fresh air to the world of VR, replacing conventional wand controllers.

While Oculus continues to experiment behind closed doors, the company has put up two unlisted videos on their YouTube channel which shows some significantly improved progress when it comes to precision with hands and facial tracking.

Albeit the concept and tracking required for both is exceptionally experimental and still has plenty of ways to go, it is worth mentioning that this level of tracking has been made possible with many cameras, specialized equipment, and as such, it would be too early to celebrate these products being commercially viable anytime soon.

Currently, immersion in the world of Virtual Reality is a challenging feat which very companies have achieved, but greater access to technologies and plenty of time being done by the genius minds in the Research and Development department of these buildings allows these kinds of improvements to take root!

While truly immersive VR is currently something which we can expect in the future, and we know that companies like Samsung are working on new avenues to explore this with the help of their own in-house facial tracking technology, FaceSense.

FaceSense has the capability of reading facial expressions, which in turn can open the gateway to greater and richer experiences when in VR, if the machine is allowed to read your emotional response to a situation and befit it accordingly, such as in the world of horror games, experiences such as roller coasters, and other thrilling VR environments.

While greater tracking of hands and face can greatly improve the quality of video games that choose to utilize them the best, these new features can help put VR on the map and earn it a greater user base that can truly help it stand out as the definitive entertainment medium of the future.

While these are unlisted videos, and the company has been mum on further details regarding the new technologies, we are definitely going to keep an ear to the ground and keep a close eye on the VR giant to see what they have in store for future innovations in the world of VR experiences.

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