Google’s WebVR Experiments Is The Step In The Right Direction For Virtual Reality

Web Based Virtual Reality (VR) was a relatively niche interaction opportunity for people with VR. With Daydream users being part of this exclusive clique in February, but the gates have opened, and now any device is welcome to be a part of the unique experience!

Google’s WebVR Experiments has lost its Daydream exclusivity and is now open for viewing for people with any VR Headset. Whether you sport a Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard, and even the Desktop HMD’s.

The informative video talks about the various barriers and obstacles faced by Virtual Reality developers in the past with the large number of languages and the challenges of porting the same thing on different devices, WebVR Experiments solves this by unifying these projects under the singular umbrella of Javascript.

The premise of WebVR Experiments is simple. You open up webvrexperiments on your nearest version of Google Chrome, be it on the smartphone or desktop. You choose the experiment you wish to partake in, and after going through the prescribed steps such as giving the app permissions on your smartphone, you are good to go!

The website currently consists of some colourful experiences and games that can be played cooperatively or by yourself. If you thoroughly enjoyed a particular experiment, the source code for it is available to any and all, and other developers are also welcome to submit their experiments on the website!

The true beauty of this lies in its simplicity, and how a web browser has opened the gateway to using VR on a whole new plane. It even works with the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift by opening the website on your desktop using Google Chrome.

This is definitely a step in the right direction for a better inclusive standard in the world of VR, and also gives plenty of opportunities for developers, big and small, to show their talents to the world.

The Experiments vary in genres but there is definitely something here for everyone. Educational and entertainment content is readily available to watch at your leisure with some good titles already in the library with many more to definitely follow.

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