IMAX VR Arcade Potentially A Bright Future For VR To On The Fence Consumers

Arcade’s back in the day operated on pocket change and allowed users to play games that are otherwise not available to them at home, able to played competitively / cooperatively due to the absence of its necessary console, or other reasons.

IMAX is looking to make arcades a thing again with the introduction of the IMAX Arcade, much like the previous trend, promise to give a variety of content at a truly competitive price range, and has already set up several stores in the US, with plans of expansion appearing to be in the cards.

Investing in a Virtual Reality setup is no easy decision, especially if you are a mid-budget gamer, or are otherwise on the other side of the fence. There are a lot of variables to keep in account when formulating the decision of potentially investing over ~$1500 in the world of VR which would also include the gaming PC for your needs.

IMAX, a household name for some of the greatest movie experiences, have set up a series of arcades in select parts of the US, open to the public. Over here, for the simple price of admission of $10, anyone and every one can indulge in a dozen immersive experiences with the fluidity of an expensive gaming system, smooth frame rate, and a booth to ensure you an unhindered experience, free of furniture, dangling wires, infants, pets, or other obstacles that could impede your game time.

Several visits to the arcade from a number of media outlets have all sung high praises of the competitive price point, and the package that entails with it.

Players will be able to experience the following:

  • HTC Vive,
  • StarVR Headset,
  • SubPac M2: A wearable audio vest that provides haptic feedback to the player in VR.

All in one neat little package of $10. Paired with the experiences and games listed below, you are easily getting more than your money’s worth from the single visit, and you can definitely count on revisiting the venue with friends and family.

vr-experiences The Arcade plans on expanding the library content to facilitate upcoming releases of blockbuster movies, with Justice League and Aquaman, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew being only a few titles you can come to expect to be added to the virtual library of the arcade.

This is a great venture for individuals to go and try out the VR experiences for themselves to determine whether VR warrants the purchase, just like how Arcade machines back in the day would help convince gamers whether the latest Mortal Kombat game warranted being put on their Christmas List.

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