Storytelling, the roots of Virtual Reality games!


Roots help to anchor the plant in the soil so it does not fall over, likewise, the foundation of a game is a story that makes it worth the play. Foundations are meant to be strong and that is what makes a game, ‘A GAME’!

“Those who tell the stories rule the world ~ Hopi American Indian Proverb”

VR is already revolutionized entertainment content and how it is delivered. From artists to advertisers who find success, all we need to understand is an essential storytelling principle called ‘Narrative Potential’

A storytellers dream come true

The implanted details drive us to make push button notion about what to expect, how we act and ultimately become our “story” of that space in time. Building our own virtual spaces has become more like an Alice in wonderland adventure. You can add any desired element or different stories to make a whole new world come to life. Every little small detail counts as you have to see a vivid view in VR. The point is to think deeply about the properties of objects so that they can be used in your  favourable way. Awareness of how exactly the audience respond to colors, shapes and patterns will lead you to use POIs (point of interest) in service of your creative goals.

As Jessica Brillhart writes, “[POIs] could be extremely obvious, like bright red dots, or more nuanced, like lone mountaineers climbing Icelandic glaciers.”

You would want to break down these attention-grabbing features for a better impact, that will mean to sometimes position other info around a certain audience which has to notice it and at other times it will mean to let them stand alone to avoid overcrowding.

The evolution of storytelling in vr has taken a spur, capturing from the tiniest truest emotion. Such as our games Agelores Fantasy, Escape Room series, Space Jump, Jetman, OMG and Love Cubed, all have a different story line. Do check out these games of ours and discover a new world in every game you play!

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