Virtual Collaboration with Futuristic Workspace

What if you wanted to teleport to your work, not wanting to deal with all the drama that drags you down? Forget working from home, forget working at the office, forget “physically” working at all. It’s time to transcend the boundaries of physical existence and tap into the world of immersion.

The concept of working from home has been explored in the recent years. While certain companies get most out of it, some firms don’t have the luxury to adopt this model. It’s because sometimes companies have complex frameworks, complicated data-sets, and other organizational dependencies that stops them from giving their employees an option to work from wherever they want to. With the winning combination of artificial intelligence and virtual reality, anyone can realize their dream of a futuristic workspace. The best thing about this is that it’s not just to save time or avoid long commutes, it practically changes how work can be done.

Source: DataView VR

Advanced model building tools driven with artificial intelligence combined with immersive technology has the potential to create a futuristic workspace. It will save you from toggling between multiple desktops and view all your data in the same place. Additionally, you can invite, interact and even collaborate with others in your virtual reality work environment.

This is not a trip to potential possibilities of VR, it’s actually available today. DataView VR is the company that has made virtual co-working dream a reality. Originally, the VR based workspace was designed for data analysts and was tailored to support financial industry. However, it can be customized and used for other industries as well. This futuristic workspace not only supports virtual collaboration but also improves productivity and offers insight into complex data whereas toggling between different physical screens can be a real pain in your neck.

Source: DataView VR

With help of this new technology, you can move around inside your multi-dimensional visualizations and interact with them. Explore data with your coworkers and even collaborate inside the same shared space in VR. Imagine doing all that and removing your headset, leaning back in your chair and enjoying coffee at home. It paints a cool picture, right?