Virtual Reality to cover the spaces of Gym

Virtual gym workout is one exclusive way of bodybuilding and fitness. Simulated gyms are now on their way to your homes. Immersive environments will help the builders and athletes to shape-up their physical structures by virtually creating multiple scenarios of fighting with enemies, lifting the cars or other heavenly bodies, running with the pet and as many as one can imagine. If you are not fond of cycling or jogging then it can save you from a number of heart diseases and diabetes. The idea is old and started when Nintendo’s Wii Fit stepped in gaming world. But when the lazy users sat on couch and started to play tennis with a biscuit in one hand and controller in other than a new door for VR innovation was opened.

Today’s leading technology, virtual reality, is encapsulated under the machinery of Oculus Rift. They provide engrossing experiences where you get deeply involved. Different experiences like hiking on a track, running on a hill, exploring spectacular sceneries using virtual Google Earth are available for users. According to The Telegraph,

“California-based writer and gamer, Job Stauffer, claims to have lost 50lb in five months playing a VR game called Soundboxing in which players punch objects that fly towards them in time with the music”

A headset and a controller are the major parts of the kit. The motion-sensing controller functions like a virtual hands when you put on the headset. User can punch, swipe, fire and grip. Samsung Galaxy phones which are fixed into Gear VR and creates a 3D field of visualization. The screen tracks the movement of user’s head to give immersive comfort as in real world. Oculus Rift requires a quite decent system to run its virtual apps but the graphical experience is outstanding. Controllers in both hands provides an innate variety of interaction.

People have lessened their weight and have increased fitness level with the help of adventurous virtual exercises. A very popular android game, Fruit Ninja, has made its way to VR world. Cutting fruits with a samurai is the main task. Player slices the fruits flying in all directions. A time comes when your reflex becomes too strong that you are totally indulged in the game, cutting fruits with swishing arms. A session of half an hour can make people exhausted and burns a good amount of your fats.

Though use of VR headset is unsafe outside due to some limitations but solution for these obstacles is underway. The addictive door of VR is opening a new way for the innovative minds. After all, it’s more exciting to lift a burning car in virtual gym then to lift a dumbbell in reality.


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