VR and AR building the Future of Career’s


Life is all about making choices, choices which shape our future for the better. VR and AR has made a stance in today’s world in ways we could have never imagined. The best part of all this, you don’t need to be a hardcore gamer or sci fi freak to know of VR and AR because it is now not just the new face of gaming but marketing and business development. Marketing agencies are usually among the first to experiment with new digital technology, and VR is no exception in this case. VR and AR has made marketing immersive. AR is making looking at objects into a real-time camera view of a live environment.

“We are definitely watching VR trends with a keen eye,” says Gareth Price, Technical Director at New York-based digital agency Ready Set Rocket.

VR is bridging the gap between learning and job market needs. VR has made us mirror real life situations, helping us to be prepared for emergency scenarios. VR instruction program demonstrates the value of tech prep for individuals for the reality of working life. VR has made a breakthrough in helping trainees practice their skills in a simulated environment. VR facilitates skill application which improves performance of organizations and brands. Employees will be given VR in training to tackle real life like customers and can get real time feedback.

plan a better future with ar and vr

Remote work will get easier with VR because you would not have to drive miles and miles to go to a site or office but just work from home. Every industry, company or organization can deal with tasks in 360 degrees. Not just industries but students can experience working in the fields they desire to choose a path where they want to work on for the rest of their life. Students will know the pathway to success. This can also make students confident on how to interact on a professional level with confidence and deal with issues, tackle with questions in a safe and controlled environment.

VR and AR has enhanced career fairs where they offer online resume submission, live chats with professionals and contact info exchange. VR has made realistic workplace simulations that conduct real world problem solving through different case studies and project analyst. VR has also expanded virtual internships through telecommuting. career choising a mile stone

Well isn’t this  great! Everything at your fingertips, even earning and finding a career. I personally believe the future is now and how we have progressed can change further generations. The emerging VR can now show us development of different field in life to storytelling and learning new skills to implement in our work. Career development and exploration does take time but to make that time less stressful and fruitful VR and AR has come a long way and I am glad to see this.

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