VR Immersion Coming to a Job Near You

To any layman, VR typically means gaming or a sci-fi movie too far out in future. In truth, virtual reality is gradually entering every known field and creating endless possibilities with what could be done with it. After successful applications in education, healthcare and of course gaming, the potential power that VR and immersive tech can have on workplaces is predicted to change how work gets done.

It’s not something that’s out of the grasp at current state of technology. In fact, VR workplaces have already started to pop up on the business map. vSpatial Startup is one of the early frontrunners in this area that created a personal space for employees where they can access entire workstation and its features in VR.

it’s going to take a while but virtual reality will reshape the workplaces pretty soon. When given an option to save significant costs of physical office spaces and making consistent investment in maintaining them, guess what choice most companies would make. Particularly when that choice will lead them to increased employee productivity and acquire talent from all over the world.

From the looks of it, it may appear that keeping a VR headset strapped to your face at all times will isolate employees. However, it could actually improve collaboration. Working in a shared virtual reality supports sharing information in ways that are more efficient than traditional ways. Adoption may be slow in the start because of higher cost of devices and it will require time to create a perfect fit for each unique business.

Working remotely has already covered significant ground in last few years and is not a new concept. In fact, it is actually growing more popular with all the benefits and possibilities that come with VR. It’s more than likely that virtual reality will soon become a reality of workplaces and will make a positive contribution in future.

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