Will VR Change How Human Consciousness Works?

What if VR could actually change how human consciousness worked or shifted it to view the world differently? Imagine if consciousness were indeed affected by virtual reality, then would it not be possible to one day upload our consciousness into a cloud and become immortal?

So many questions are circling around this concept. We may not know its exact nature but it’s clear that consciousness is a combination of brain and environment. In a world full of variables, we don’t exist in singularity. Rather, our thoughts are driven by a number of interactions like hunger, fatigue, temperature, color, sunlight, and music. Without any external or internal stimulation, our brains are nothing but black boxes of emptiness.

Virtual reality acts precisely as a stimulant and can be used to the extent where its exploration of consciousness can even let us dive into our dreams lucidly.

“When you alter people’s waking realities, their memory changes. The more you think you’re in one reality, it alters your memory of other realities.”

~ Jayne Gackenbach, MacEwan University Psychologist

That means an immersive virtual reality experience can not only make your dreams more lucid, but it can also change your perception of everyday reality. Through this powerful technology, we have already crossed a lot of bridges. It’s the closest we have ever come to have the capacity of entering altered states of consciousness through an immersive realm where the only limitation is our own imagination.

To say that our life may be a computer simulation or consciousness is the only thing holding together the holographic illusion of reality appears to be more believable if we were able to alter our states of consciousness by using technology such as VR.

The future no longer looks to be in one dimension as ultra-technology is moving towards splitting it off from “the ordinary world”. What better way to explore the universe, have adventures in consciousness and indulge in the workings of our own psyche than through virtual reality that can alter mind and change dreams.