Hot VR Tech Molding the Immersive World’s Future

VR is quickly structuring the future of software skill-set on its pillars. The change in technology is fast. A year is enough to bring new agile devices and innovative tools to replace old strategies. Let us explain some of the agile developments in the immersive mediums so far.

There are a number of controllers with different designs in VR devices to control the gameplay in virtual environment but none of them can beat the structural complexity and easiness of hands. Such precise and accurate movements in VR controllers require unlimited number of gestures to be coded and detected by software. In 2017, v2 is released by Leap Motion with 180 degree field of view hand tracking for mobile VR. Also Microsoft’s Hololens and Magic Leap’s project related to mixed reality involved the hand tracking feature as prime means of immersive interactions. Hands, standardized intuitive controllers, are vitally compatible to control movement in VR environment. Software updates can progressively improve the tracking of hands. But hardware will still play a massive role in simulated 3D environment.

Eye-tracking was one of the most helpful features of VR tech. What does term Eye-tracking mean? Basically the ability to swiftly and precisely measure the path a user is looking while inside of a VR headset. This topic is debated in the context of foveated rendering, a procedure in which an eye-tracker integrated with a VR headset is used to lessen rendering workload by dropping the quality of image in the peripheral vision. A number of difficulties were solved permitting devs to enhance performance by fixing the use system resources where the user is currently directed. Natural focus can be simulated in a real way and make a path to fresh eye-tracking centralized gameplay elements which can open more doors for immersive understandings.

Controlling devices and Eye-tracking are little wonders of VR technology. A lot more has arrived in this industry and new inventions are on their way. Let’s see what additional sparkle virtual reality can produce.