Google Chrome Officially Onboard The VR Bandwagon

Google has officially announced the release of google chrome on Daydream VR headsets. Now anyone holding a Daydream view headset or the standalone Lenovo Mirage Solo can view chrome in virtual reality and navigate smoothly in virtual space.

All of Chrome’s features will be accessible to users, with the added feature of cinema mode. Cinema mode is an optimized version to view web videos in virtual reality. Now you can enjoy a full-featured web browser that will make it easier to hunt up a tutorial for a VR app, without having to switch between strapping on a headset or taking it off.

“With Chrome now integrated into Daydream, you can start browsing on your phone, whether it is reading your favorite news article or watch a YouTube video, and easily switch to your headset.”

~ Gordon Brander, Chrome UX Engineer

Chrome browser app for VR will let you navigate using your voice, save bookmarks and even offers incognito mode to hide virtual reality browser history. Google has fully integrated chrome with Daydream VR. You can jump from browsing internet on your phone and switch to your headset and continue from where you left off. You just need to install/ update to the latest version of Chrome Android app and you’re all set to view and interact with web pages in VR.

Chrome VR will definitely be a step up as it will offer tasteful visual content without requiring you to install sketchy apps and will prove to be a huge boon for 3rd party virtual reality websites. The most benefit from this move will likely be enjoyed by leading studios pursuing cutting-edge developments.