The Quest to Find Quest 2

Expected to release somewhere around the mid of September, the Oculus Quest 2 will be a game changer for VR technology. The leak revealing the plausible date for the release also gave a sneak peek at the design of the upcoming gadget.

Oculus Quest 2 launch date and more images leak - SlashGear
Oculus Quest 2 launch date and more images leak

The new Oculus device is rumored to be equipped with lenses, allowing a wider field of view and higher resolution. The device will also boost a more user adaptable pair of controllers to navigate through the virtual worlds.

The images leaked on Twitter and Reddit show a black and white colour scheme of the device. While it may not be as powerful as the Rift S, Quest is wireless and is not dependent on a PC to work.

Oculus Quest 2 Leaker Shows Rear Angle, Hints '15 Sept'
Oculus Quest 2 Leaks Shows Rear Angle,


A Japanese Publication Nikkei reported a new Oculus headset entering production with a goal of 2 million units.

More Possible Oculus Quest 2 Images Arrive, Appearing to ...
Possible Oculus Quest 2 Images


So while it’s not yet possible to definitively say what the next gen Quest holds for us, the latest leak certainly gives an insight on things we’ve never seen before in an Oculus headset. Then again, as with all leaks, it’s probably smart to take this image with a huge grain of salt. Whether it’s real or not, it may not reflect the current state of the device. For now, all eyes are set on Facebook to release official information.

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